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CBR is a scientific library subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It has branch in Pulawy. CBR collections - thematically restricted to agriculture, food processing industry and related sciences

Journal Article

Journal article

Microelements in agriculture (Pt. 1 and 2)  [2009]

Spiak, Z. (ed); Patorycz-Pytlik, B.,Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy, Wroclaw (Poland). Katedra Zywienia Roslin; Gediga, K.; Grzys, E.; Polska Akademia Nauk, Warszawa (Poland). Wydzial Nauk Rolniczych, Lesnych i Weterynaryjnych [Corporate Author]

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The studies published in the present issue review the current state of the research on microelements performed in Poland with the main problem listed below, - the microelement distribution in soil, the soil solution and plants, - the methods of soil microelement content determination and balancing of those components using the modern techniques, e.g. GPS, - the evaluation of microelement influence on the crop yield, as well as its nutritive and technological values

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Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych (Poland)

ISSN : 0084-5477