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Journal article

Aronia - underestimated fruit in Poland in the prevention of obesity  [2011]

Oszminski, J.; Nowicka, P.,Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy, Wroclaw (Poland). Katedra Technologii Owocow, Warzyw i Zboz; Rubinski, P.,Ecobionica, Ustron (Poland).;

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The World Health Organization has recognized the epidemic of obesity as one of the top ten global health problems. More than 8000 polyphenolic compounds are found in foods of plant origin; these compounds have been known for more than 20 years for their antioxidant properties, but it is now becoming clear that they may have other health benefits, including a role in energy control and weight management. Dietary guidelines recommend an increase of fruit and vegetable consumption, and interpretation of epidemiological evidence suggests that this may have an effect on weight management and obesity. A concern, however is that a high intake of fruit juice could promote the development of obesity, but results have not been consistent across studies. Our results indicated that the components in aronia juice significantly reduced concentration of glucose in blood

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Przemysl Fermentacyjny i Owocowo-Warzywny (Poland)

ISSN : 0137-2645