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Journal Article

Journal article

Poultry feedstuffs utilizing in dry diets for carp  [1982]

Trzebiatowski, R. (Akademia Rolnicza, Szczecin (Poland). Inst. Akwakultury i Techniki Rybackiej); Klik, R.;

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Carps were fed four dry diets, each containing 30% (by weight) krill meal, poultry blood meal, hydrolized feather meal or poultry by-product meal. On the base of these feeding trials it is concluded that poultry by-product meal can be successfully incorporated into pelleted feeds for carp. The replacement of fish meal or krill meal by poultry by-product meal resulted in better growth and feed efficiency. The nutritional value of feather meal in carp appears to be much better than poultry blood meal

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Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej w Szczecinie. Rybactwo Morskie i Technologia Zywnosci (Poland)

ISSN : 0137-1932