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Morpho-phenological variation in Lablab purpureus  [2007]

Ewansiha, S.U. Chiezey, U.F. Tarawali, S.A. Iwuafor, E.N.O.

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The morphological and phenological variations in 46 accessions of Lablab purpureus were evaluated in 2000 and 2001 in Samaru, Zaria in the moist savanna zone of Nigeria. Accessions were classified into various groups acrording to plant structure, flowering time and pod and seed characters. Based on flowering time, 6 maturity groups were identified: very early ( 40-50 days after planting) (7 accessions), early (51-60 days (20), intermediate (61-80 days (4), late (91-110 days) (6), very late (111-130 days) (8) and extremely late (131-150 days) (1). In 140 days, nitrogen production increased from 15 kg/ha for the very early-flowering accessions and then decreased to 135 kg/ha for the extremely late-flowering accession with a mean nitrogen yield of 64.1 kg/ha. Fifteen accessions were identified as having potential for fresh pod production and 11 accessions for grain with a smaller number suitable for both grain and fodder production

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Tropical Grasslands (Australia)

ISSN : 0049-4763