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Wheat growing in the Philippines  [1985]

Escano, C.R. (Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research and Development, Los Banos (Philippines). Crops Research Dept.);

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Wheat production in the Philippines has some remote antecedents during the Spanish regime, but has totally disappeared recently. Several attempts were made to revive this production but they failed, due to lack of suitable varieties. A pilot wheat production program is being carried out with official support to introduce this crop in rice-based production systems; in 1983-84 average yields were 1.14 t/ha and 1.01 t/ha in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, respectively. There have been many constraints, including the delayed harvesting of the preceding rice crop, lack of needed pesticides, necessity of farmer-cooperators training, etc. Research priorities, like breeding for high-yielding varieties well adapted to local conditions, selection for agronomic characteristics, tolerance to environmental stresses, and resistance to helminthosporium leaf spot, foot rots, corn earworm and pink stem borer, have been established. They also include, new introductions of wheat from CIMMYT and ICARDA; seed production of the most promising selections and varieties; increasing on-farm research; assessing profitability and acceptability of the production program; verification of fertilizer use, and weed and disease control recommendations developed by research stations on farmers' fields