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Journal Article

Journal Article

Innovative technology in the solution of environmental problems with intensive transmitted  [2017]

Kononchuk, P.IU.; Anikina, L.M.; Gurova, T.A.; Sudakov, V.L.; et al.

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The article presents the results of developing technologies aimed at the effective solution of environmental problems of intensive light crop associated with the need for recycling large amounts of waste. The high efficiency of these technologies in different crops and the feasibility of using domestic components and consumables. Development of matrix technologies light crop of green plants, cucumber plants and tomato were conducted using vegetation light installation (VLI) useful square-area 3,0x1,0 m<sup>2</sup>, light units which consisted of two floating vertical lamp power 0.6 kW (DNAT, DRI, both Ayutthaya, DRIES, or combinations thereof), the installed capacity of 0.4 kW/m<sup>2</sup>. The duration of the light period of 16 h, temperature 22...24 <sup>о</sup>C for day and 18...20 <sup>о</sup>C for night. Application for the production of vegetables developed technologies matrix intensive transmitted ensures the implementation of the biological potential of cultivated plants and obtaining crops approaching their potential productivity. Green culture, cucumber and tomato plants were grown in standard plastic containers with a volume of 0.15 and 0.3 l, respectively. For growing plants containers were placed in a rack installed on the VLIpallets (1,0x1,0x0,1 m<sup>3</sup>). Developed matrix technology intensive light crop, showing a high efficacy, from a technical point of view can be fully realized on the basis of domestic components and materials.

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" Инновационные технологии в решении экологических проблем интенсивной светокультуры "
" Innovative technology in the solution of environmental problems with intensive transmitted "
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