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Journal Article

The mathematical presupposition for the issue of the soil moisture movement under drip irrigation  [2016]

Adamushko, N.N.; Zverkov, M.S.;

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The article discusses a mathematical models to describe the process of movement of moisture with drip irrigation. In the Federal target program «Development of reclamation of agricultural lands of Russia for 2014−2020» the task is saving water. One such water-saving technologies is drip irrigation. This method of irrigation is widespread in different countries of the world. It is noted that the accuracy and effectiveness of the regulation of the water regime is defined as frequent and less watering. Indicates that the application in practice of traditional methods of calculation of drip irrigation causes farmers a lot of questions. In the absence of engineers, reclamation specialists on the production of farmers can not apply developed in a large number of recent recommendations and are forced to set their own water supply mode, because of this reduced efficiency in the use of drip irrigation systems. It is shown that observation of the movement of moisture using the balance method with drip irrigation is difficult. It is noted that numerous studies have shown the high accuracy and efficiency the calculation of irrigation regimes using models of moisture transport, among which the most widespread are based on the basis of an expression L. Richards.

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" The mathematical presupposition for the issue of the soil moisture movement under drip irrigation "
" Математические предпосылки к вопросу о передвижении влаги в почве при капельном орошении "
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