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Some diagnostic parameters of typical soils on north-eastern slope of the Great Caucasus in Azerbaijan  [2019]

Manafova, Y. K.

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The article describes the physical-geographical position, geomorphological, geological, climate and hydrological conditions of the North-Eastern slope of the Great Caucasus. The morphogenetic picture of the typical mountain-forest brown, residual calcareous mountain-forest brown, and mountain grey-brown soil profiles is given. The morphogenetic description of the soil resource horizons in the soil profile was performed according to the WRB system. The modern state of agricultural land was comparatively analyzed by examining principal diagnostic indices. The study was confined to Gusar District of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The geographical coordinates of each soil section were determined. The soil formation conditions were characterized depending on vegetation cover, soil forming rock, , and hypsometric level. The soils have been comparatively assessed by humus quality (main indicator of soil fertility), total nitrogen content, pH, calcareous quantity, granulometric composition, and base exchange capacity.

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Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University