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Ecology of nutrition and promising trends in production of dietary fiber based instant foods  [2019]

Nikolaeva, Yu. V. Tarasova, V. V. Nechaev, A. P.

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The article presents the development of a new formulation of instant noodles based on dietary fiber. Given the trend for functional foods that provide balanced nutrition, the enrichment of instant noodles with micronutrients is becoming increasingly important. The aim of the work was to study the content of dietary fiber in instant noodles with introduced inulin Fibruline XL, fiber SUPERCEL WF600, and methyl cellulose VIVAPUR MC A 4M. It was determined if dietary fiber was preserved after technological processing of the raw material. Buckwheat flour, which has a number of advantages in nutrient composition in comparison with wheat flour, was used as a raw material. Generally accepted and special methods of studying the properties of raw materials, semi-finished food products and finished food products were used. Lipid content, nutritional and caloric values were determined. The effect of dietary fibers with different average lengths on the gluten complex of high grade wheat flour was studied. Organoleptic evaluation was made. The shelf life of the product was calculated using the Rancimat-743 device, with extrapolation of the induction time to room temperature and storage. As a result, we obtained a new, physiologically conditioned product having a balanced composition, low caloric content, and low fat content and enriched with dietary fibers and minerals.

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Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University