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To the question of occurrence of scallops Palliolum tigerinum in the water of Varanger-fjord (the Barents Sea)  [2019]

Labutin, A.V.

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In order to continue the study of long-term dynamics of commercial hydrobionts reserves in the waters of the Varanger-fjord of the Barents Sea, in the autumn of 2015 another hydrobiological survey was conducted. During which the marked increased density of scallops of a species Palliolum tigerinum (Muller, 1776), returning to the waters isolated. Noted finding specimens of P. tigerinum on the rocky soil, which is not typical for the species. The age of the scallops was determined by ligaments using a binocular microscope. Examines the impact of current climatic changes on changing the borders of the areal of this species. Suggested the possible use of P. tigerinum as one of the indicators of the promotion of Boreal species in the Arctic zone. Attention is paid to the expediency of using the diving method of hydrobiological sampling during research works in coastal waters. This method is most informative from the point of view of obtaining objective information about the state of the bottom communities at the depths available to the diver-researcher.

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Commercial species and their biology

ISSN : 2307-3497