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The modern composition of the ichthyofauna of the reservoirs of the Vazuzsky hydraulic system  [2019]

Bykov, A.D.

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The results of many years of research on reservoirs Vazuzskiy hydraulic system (Vazuzskiy GTS) provides information about the characteristics of hydrologic-hydrochemical regime, the structure of planktonic and benthic communities and modern composition of the fish fauna Vazuzskiy, Yauzskaya and Verkhnerusskoe reservoirs. According to the account of the filming of these reservoirs are shown long-term dynamics of netting catches and catches Malkova a Leveller. The change in the structure of net catches depending on the mesh step of the applied networks and the depth of the network orders is shown. It is established that during the period of operation of the reservoirs of vazuz GTS the fish part of the community of this group of reservoirs is quite stable and is represented mainly by the eurybiont species of the limnophilic ecological group. The similarity of the species composition of the ichthyofauna is explained by the hydrological connection of reservoirs through a system of channels. The causes of depression of bream populations and the increase in the value of river perch in the structure of ichthyocenoses are considered. Studied the effect of recreational fishing on populations of valuable fish ichthyophaga

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