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Prospects for the use of semantic analysis for strategic industry analytics  [2019]

Kuzminov, I.F. Loginova, I.V. Belikov, A.A. Lobanova, P.A.

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Aquaculture is nowadays one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. In Russia, however, the volume of aquaculture production is low due to several factors. At the same time, the key regulatory documents of the Federal level pay great attention to the fishery industry, ambitious goals to increase production and exports are set. The implementation of aquaculture development programs should be based, among other things, on the introduction of new technologies, the development of scientific and technological potential and the adaptation of the experience of foreign countries. Planning the development of any industry in the modern world should be comprehensive and systematic, and determining promising technological solutions and management practices requires contemporary and accurate analytical tools. This article proposes the use of strategic analytics as a conceptual approach to the data analysis in terms of their current volume and diversification level. It is proposed to use the iFora big data mining system developed by the HSE as a tool for analysing promising trends in the development of the aquaculture industry. The article proposes the use of semantic analysis of large amounts of textual information as the main method. The proposed methodology will be used in the analysis of the aquaculture industry in subsequent publications

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