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Russian Federal Research Institute Of Fishiries and Oceanography (VNIRO) — the head research Institute of the fisheries industry. The research organization was established more than 135 years ago for scientific support of the state activity on fishery management, coordination of implementation of plans and programs of fishery research works of all fishery scientific organizations of the Russian Federation. VNIRO carries out scientific expedition researches and develops biological substantiations of volumes of the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) an [...]

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Journal article

Preliminary results of studies for European horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) genetic diversity in the Moroccan waters  [2017]

Afanasyev, P.K.; Glubokov, A.I.;

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The preliminary results of ongoing research of horse mackerel stocks structure in the waters of Morocco are described in this article . As a material for researches were the samples from trawl catches of horse mackerel in Moroccan waters . The results of the testing of 16 microsatellite loci, first time detected on different species of genus Trachurus, on the samples of horse mackerel are presented . The general characteristics of 16 tested loci are described . The results of genotyping of horse mackerel catches in the waters of Morocco using 3 selected microsatellite loci are presented . The information on size of PCR products, number of alleles and differentiation power of selected loci are described . The preliminary results of statistical analysis of genetic diversity of horse mackerel catches from Moroccan waters, as well as genetic distances between samples are described in this article . The assumptions about the possible causes of genetic heterogeneity of the studied samples of horse mackerel are presented .

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