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Journal article

Commercial crabs distribution and number in the central part of the Sea of Okhotsk  [2017]

Metelyov, E.A. Abaev, A.D. Klinushkin, S.V. Vasilyev, A.G.

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The data on the spatial distribution, the biological condition and the number of crabs in one of the new fishing grounds for the Russian Federation, subdistrict 61 .52 Central part of the Sea of Okhotsk, are presented . The following crab species were registered in the crab traps in the explored region: Lithodes aequispinus, L. couesi, Paralomis multispina, P. verrilli, Chionoecetes angulatus and Ch. opilio. Main crab aggregations were referred to two sites — northern (300–1000m depth) and southern (swell of Institute of Oceanology at about 1000m depth) . From the variety of species only Lithodes aequispinus formed dense aggregations and is recommended for commercial fishing . Chionoecetes opilio stock in the area of «polygon» can also recruit the resource base of commercial fishing . Deep-water species (Chionoecetes angulatus, Lithodes couesi, Paralomis verrilli and Paralomis multispina) formed low-density agglomerations in the area examined . High level of invasion with B. callosus (19 .3%) was registered in Lithodes aequispinus

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Commercial species and their biology

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