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Doctorate at VNIRO. 1. Evolution of Scientific and Pedagogical Staff Training in Russia  [2017]

Mikodina, E.V. Knyazev, E.A.

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Brief information on postgraduate and doctoral education at the VNIRO, on two laws on education in the Russian Federation, and on normative innovations in the process the preparing of scientific and pedagogical personnel in postgraduate education are given . Postgraduate studies is the third level of higher education in Russia today . The admission quota and training period take place for enlarged educational groups, the education duration and the volume of the educational programs are increased at doctorate . The analysis the transformation of the training scientific personnel system in the 18th and early 20th centuries in Russia is given . The normative and pedagogical aspects the changes in university regulations are analyzed, as well as the practical application of legal norms . Effective implementation of official norms in the educational process of universities leads to their constant adjustment . The teaching and teaching community in the autonomous university becomes an active participant in the process of reproduction of scientific personnel . During the period of authoritarianism, the regulation and ideological pressure of the bureaucracy on the scientific community begins . This article analyzes the transformation of the system of research staff in training

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ISSN : 2307-3497