Written Paper

[Endangerment and protection of Hadzi Prodanova cave [Serbia]]  [2006]

Klickovic, M. Pavicevic, D. Nesic, D.

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The Hadzi Prodanova cave in the village of Rascici near Ivanjica, Serbia, has been protected since 1974. The revision of its protection status was realised in 2005. The cave is a composite branched object with several side channels, and with a total length of 345 m. It is developed in senon limestone that lay over the Palaeozoic metamorphites. This cave is a habitat of various representatives of the arthropod faune, of which the most important species is Duvalius (s.str.) starovlahi (Carabidae, Trechinae), a troglobiont trechine and a stenoendemic species of the cave. There is a large colony of bats in the cave, with four recorded species. Previously demolished memorial church, built as a tribute to the riot of Hadzi Prodan, was rebuilt in front of the cave. This cave is the most threatened speleological object in Serbia. Following the revision, the cave is valued as a natural asset of prime significance - Category 2, and the new act on protection will be issued by the municipality of Ivanjica.