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Results and prospects of NS small grains cultivars  [2007]

Dencic, S. Przulj, N. Mladenov, N. Kobiljski, B. et al.

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A total of 350 varieties of small grains have been developed thus far at the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad (Serbia). A large number of them have been dominant in the domestic production in the last 30 years. Thirty-six NS cultivars of small grains have been released on the markets of 13 foreign countries in tota The NS culativars NSR 5, Pobeda, Evrope 90 and Renesansa have been dominant in domestic wheat production for more than a decade now. In the last five years, they have been grown on 70-80% of the country total are in wheat. Although they are all very good cultivars, they will be replaced with new ones within the next two to three years. Among these new cultivars, showing the most promise are Rapsodija, Dragana, Arija, Simonida, NS 40S, Zvezdana and Teodora. Among the NS malting barleys, the most promising for the next perios are the winter varieties Novosadska 525 and Novosadska 565 and the spring ones Viktor, Novosadski 448 and Novosadski 456. Of the special-purpose NS cultivars, the triticale cultivar Odisej is expected to become dominant in the domestic production very soon, and the same is true of the durum wheat cultivar Dolap. The spelt wheat cultivar Nirvana and the compact wheat variety Bambi (for biscuit product) are new introductions to domestic wheat production whose commercial expansion depends solely on the needs of the prosessing industry.

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Zbornik radova - Institut za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo (Serbia)

ISSN : 0354-7698