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Solonchaks of Vojvodina [Serbia] - characteristics and contemporary classification. [Doctoral dissertation]  [2009]

Васин, Ј.Р. Универзитет у Новом Саду, Нови Сад (Serbia). Пољопривредни факултет [Corporate Author]

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At representative Vojvodina sites labelled as solonchaks on soil map of Vojvodina 1:50000 (Nejgebauer et al., 1971) 25 soil profiles have been opened and soil samples have been taken from genetic horizons as well as ground water samples. Based on field observations and laboratory testing of morphological, water-physical, chemical and microbiological features, these soils were classified according to the contemporary domestic classification and according to world soil classification WRB FAO (World Reference Base for Soil Resources). Grouping of soil profiles was also performed by using multivariate (cluster) numerical simultanous analysis of a larger number of selected data. Based on the research results, we have established a small number of sites classified as solonchaks according to the before mentioned classifications as compared to soil map of Vojvodina from 1971. This is consequence of desalinization processes in soils which had been solonchaks due to wide-range melioration measures (construction of basic canal network DTD, construction of more dams and barrages on canals and rivers, draining of waterlogged fields) all of which have substantially altered the influence of surface and ground waters on soil salinity. At certain sites where the process of desalinization was observed as compared to the previous researches, there is a danger of secondary salinization (regradation) due to ground waters which are saline and alkaline, and also rise above the critical level.