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Current state and possibilities [for] tourism development [in] Middle Banat [Serbia] in the context of sustainable development. [Doctoral dissertation]  [2009]

Мркша, М.М. Универзитет у Новом Саду, Нови Сад (Serbia). Природно-математички факултет, Департман за географију, туризам и хотелијерство [Corporate Author]

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Middle Banat area is a very interesting history, fertile land, characteristic relief, multi-ethnic structure of the population and sometimes a very developed economy. All these facts indicate that in this region there are good natural and social basis for the development of tourism but is still not used in a way. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct analysis of the Middle Banat, identify the advantages and disadvantages of tourism development, and after that a serious approach strategic development of tourism. Tourism development should be planned in the context of sustainable development and strive to create sustainable tourism products, and to preserve the environment, promote economic and social conditions in domicilu, and in order to meet tourists. Sustainable tourism development for the task of developing tourism, which is also the activity and activity, contribute to the overall increase in quality of life in the Middle Banat.