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Influence of fat phase composition of margarine on physical characteristics and quality of puff pastry. Doctoral dissertation  [2009]

Šoronja-Simović, D. Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad (Serbia). Tehnološki fakultet [Corporate Author]

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The possibility of application of low-trans margarine in the puff pastry production was investigated in this thesis. The base dough formula, which ensures the optimal dough handling during the laminating, has been defined in the first phase of the experimental work. By analysing the impact of the fat phase composition of puff pastry margarine on pastry quality, it has been revealed that the quantity of the margarine and the relaxation time between laminating, need to be adjusted to the physicochemical characteristics of the margarine. By the optimization of the production of the puff pastry, it has been identified that the margarines of the low content of trans fatty acids can successfully replace the margarines produced by the partial hydrogenation of the vegetable oil. It is possible to reduce the energy value of the pastry by 12%, by using the margarine of the modified content of the fat phase. Namely by reducing the content of the fat by 30% and trans fatty acids by 100%, it is possible to improve the nutritive value of the pastry.