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Phytoparasitic nematodes in greenhouses in Zeta valley [Montenegro]. [Doctoral dissertation]  [2010]

Пајовић, И.Б. Универзитет у Новом Саду, Нови Сад (Serbia). Пољопривредни факултет [Corporate Author]

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The Zeta valley is the most important part of Monenegro in the sense of plant production. The valley is located on South and South-East from the Podgorica, and between Podgorica and Skadar Lake. The research was done through the permanent survey of 18 objects - greenhouses during the period from June 2006 up to December 2007. The six genera and ten species were detected during the survey of phytoparasitic nematodes in greenhouses in the Zeta valley. Meloidogyne incognita has been found in 84% of objects, on cucumber plants, tomato, pepper, Swiss chard, salad, fig (in greenhouses) and gourd, weed plants Solanum nigrum and Convolvulus vulgaris (near greenhouses). All results showed that Meloidogyne species were attacking all growing plants in greenhouses in Zeta valley. The strongest attack was found on tomato plants. The cucumber plants are the main host in this area. Very sensitive are salad, Swiss chard and weeds. The most tolerant crop was pepper.