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Cartometrical analysis of Montenegro river network and its implementation in GIS. Doctoral dissertation  [2008]

Баровић, Г. Универзитет у Новом Саду, Нови Сад (Serbia). Природно-математички факултет [Corporate Author]

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Montenegrin territory, although possessing a relatively small area of 13 812 square kilometers, contains very specific groups of elements, geologically speaking. This dissertation offers research results of a very significant element which makes the whole system. The characteristics of the hydrograhic system are not the same in all parts of Montenegro. The differences are conditioned with a series of other elements of the geological area which make a whole with the hydrographic system. It is exactly because of the interconnection of all elements in the geological area, that in this dissertation attention has also been paid to a part which plays an important role in formation of the system of rivers. The most important elements of this part are relief, geological composition and climatic characteristics of an area. The complete hydrographic system of Montenegro has been surveyed in detail for the first time in this dissertation. The main part of the dissertation is dedicated to results of measuring certain river flows, accompanied with a series of facts important for the treated flow. Besides the main element, i.e. the length, each flow is also documented with coordinates of its spring or the location of formation, the main attributes of its ranking and positioning within the system of rivers, as well as with the values of the source and the mouth according to the hypsometrical scale. As a novelty in regard to the measurement of length of flows conducted so
far, in this dissertation for the first time we have added the lengths of flows, which has been entered in the orthographic form in the map, and we have also measured the relative fall between the source and the mouth. In this way the real length of the treated water-flow was achieved. Based on the main indicators, there ensued adequate analysis on different grounds, which additionally cast some light on the treated topic. Particular attention in the realization of the work has been paid in introduction of new, contemporary methods in the scientific research process. The complete dissertation was done using contemporary computer applications, i.e. using contemporary hardware and software support, which greatly facilitated and accelerated its realization. Simulataneously, thanks to such a way of work, the gained results have been organized as a database, which can later be used for many researches of other kind.