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Ecological potential and bioindicator's characteristics of the genus Cystoseira C. Agardh 1820 (Phaeophyceae) in the Montenegrin coast. [Doctoral dissertation]  [2010]

Mačić, V. Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad (Serbia). Prirodno-matematički fakultet [Corporate Author]

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Studies of marine macroalgae in the region of Montenegro are scarce, so monographic studies of genus Cystoseira are prominent novelty for this area. The algae were collected mostly by SCUBA-diving. Maps of distribution for 12 species of genus Cystoseira are prepared, and common and rare species were defined. Changes in relative cover, biomass of Cystoseira algae and variability of morphological characteristics were determined in relation to different seasons and different depths. On the 9 Cystoseira species 44 taxa of macroepiphytes were collected. Similarities of epiphytic assemblages on different host algae were analyzed, as well as correlation between epiphytes and complexicity of talus for host Cystoseira species. Presence of two allochthonous, invasive algae were noted and maps for their distributions are made. Concentration of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium and copper) in three Cystoseira species were measured with aim to determine possibility of using these species as bioindicators for this type of pollution. Anthropogenic impact on Cystoseira assemblages were analyzed and Cystoseira species as bioindicators of these impacts are determined.