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Importance of fish meal and other animal feedstuffs in production of concentrate mixtures  [2011]

Đorđević, N., Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade - Zemun (Serbia) Grubić, G., Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade - Zemun (Serbia) Stojanović, B., Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade - Zemun (Serbia) Dinić, B., Forage Research Institute, Kruševac (Serbia) et al.

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Conclusion: Feed price is key factor in the production economy of all animal, including fishes. The substitution of fish meal in animal feeding is necessary considering the high price of this feedstuff, and also its variable and often unreliable quality. In the investigations conducted various feedstuffs of plant and animal origin were used to substitute fish meal. However, when they are used the care must be taken to provide optimal concentration of essential amino acids in concentrate mixtures. In practice it can be achieved by combining cheaper protein feedstuffs with synthetic amino acids (lysine and methionine on the first place). At this moment most promising appears to be soybean products and bacterial proteins.