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Successful complete substitution of fish meal with plant protein ingredients in diets for common carp, Cyprinus carpio L.  [2012]

Ljubojević, Dragana B. (Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad (Serbia)) Ćirković, Miroslav (Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad (Serbia)) Jovanović, Rade (Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, Belgrade (Serbia)) Janković, Snežana (Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, Belgrade (Serbia)) et al.

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Inclusion of fish meal in the diet increases the cost of fish production and this problem can be overcome with replacement of it with local available plant ingredients. The aim of the study was to determine the impact of the complete replacement of fish meal with soybean meal and sunflower meal in the diet of two years old common carp on the growing parameters and proximate composition. Fish were grown in two groups with three replicates in the six earthen ponds each of 1 ha. In the diet 1 was not added feedstuffs of animal origin, while in the diet 2 fish meal was included. The both diets were manufactured using a twin screw extruder. Twelve samples of two years old carp were taken from each group during the harvesting. Also, samples of both extruded diets were taken for analysis. At the end of the rearing period the average harvesting weight was 1622,12 and 1719,2 g; survival rate was 82 and 85%, total stocking density was 300 and 300 kg/ha and harvesting density was 3325,35 and 3612,5,45 kg/ha; feed conversion ratio was 2,3 and 2,1 in common carp fed with diet 1 and diet 2, respectively. The chemical composition was not significantly different between groups (p>0,01). These results support the use of adequately processed plant protein sources as important replacement for fish meal in extruded feeds for common carp.

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Proceedings of 6th Central European Congress on Food - CEFood Congress