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Journal article

Opstrukcija tankog creva ždrebadi askarididama posle dehelmintizacije ivermektinom: Prikaz slučaja / Small intestine obstruction with ascarididae in foal safter dehelmintisation with ivermectin: Case report  [2015]

Lauš, Saša (Poljoprivredni fakultet, Novi Sad (Srbija). Departman za veterinarsku medicinu); Spasojević-Kosić, Ljubica (Poljoprivredni fakultet, Novi Sad (Srbija). Departman za veterinarsku medicinu); Trailović, Dragiša (Fakultet veterinarske medicine, Beograd (Srbija));

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High intensity of infection with ascaridida Parascaris equorum can lead to intraluminal obstruction of the ileum in foals, especially during the first dehelmintisation (during and after weaning), more rarely in older ones. Bowel obstruction is followed by strong colic pain and shock, which inevitably leads to death, especially in cases when an adequate therapy is not taken on time. The paper describes four cases of small intestine obstruction with ascarididae in foals of American trotter race, provoked by an antiparasitic agent. The first symptoms appeared about twenty hours after the treatment with antiparasitic. Two of the foals have been cured with medicament therapy, one died, and in one case there was taken surgery in field conditions.

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