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Journal article

The effect of natural selection on the natal period in rabbits and minks  [2007]

Nigmatullin, R.M., Russian Academy of Sciences. Kazan Scientific Center (Russian Federation);

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The effect of natural selection on the natal period was studied on rabbits of six breeds and minks of two color forms. The graphic method was used in the research. The dashed line designated fertility curves, and continuous one -the distribution of the newborns. The percent of stillboras against total number of the newborns was represented on the diagram as arrows. In rabbits of all breeds, a reduction in the share of low-productive litters in the population and an increase in the percent of high-productive ones was observed on the plot. In fur animals, only one variant out of three courses of selection was directed towards the reduction in litter size. It has been established that natural selection in the natal period for litter size can be both stabilizing and conductive. Thus we can both put a limit or increase the litter size. The artificial selection supports the fertility and litter size in domesticated animals on profitable level.

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Вестник ВОГиС (Российская Федерация)

ISSN : 0006-8136