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Azospirillum lectin – induced changes in the content of nitric oxide in wheat seedling roots  [2010]

Alen’kina S.A. Nikitina V.E.

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The lectin of Azospirillum brasilense Sp7 at 40 μg ml-1 elicited two peaks of induction of nitric oxide synthesis in the roots of wheat seedlings after 3 and 26 h of coincubation. The lectin of A. brasilense Sp7.2.3, a mutant defective in lectin activity, produced the same effect, but the activation of nitric oxide synthesis in the roots was less in the case of 26-h incubation. Exposure to the lectins for 3 h increased citrulline synthesis in the plant cell to the same extent. This finding indicated that the Azospirillum lectins activate nitric oxide production through the NO signal system of plants, thereby acting as inducers of adaptation processes in the roots of wheat seedlings.

From the journal

Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry

ISSN : 1997-0838