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Calculation of the optimal agricultural landscapes structure on bioenergetics basis  [2011]

Poluehktov, E.V. Ignatyuk, O.A., Novocherkassk State Academy of Land Improvement, Rostov Region (Russian Federation) Balakaj, N.I., Russian Research and Development Inst. of Melioration Problems. Novocherkassk, Rostov Region (Russian Federation)

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The objective of study was to calculate the optimal ratio of land use/cover type in agricultural landscapes on the basis of bioenergetics. For this purpose the energy content of different vegetation types, data on amount of accumulated and growing phytomass, the content of humus in soil were studied on various types of agricultural landscapes. The research resulted in calculated optimal structure of agricultural land on the shallow gully and gully-field types of agricultural landscapes. On the shallow gully landscape the area under the hayfields, pastures and forest plantations should be 17.4%, while the proportion of arable land – less than 82%. On gully-field landscape the arable area should not exceed 66% and up to 28.7% of which should be located in soil-protective crop rotation. The area under the hayfields, pastures and forest plantations can be 34%.

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Scientific Journal of Russian RDI of Melioration Problems

ISSN : 2222-1816