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Mineral nutrition optimization of different potato varieties in chernozems of Rostov region  [2011]

Evtukhov, M.V., Russian Research and Development Inst. of Melioration Problems. Novocherkassk, Rostov Region (Russian Federation)

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The effect of different rates (160 to 500 kg per ha of reactant) of mineral fertilizers on the yield of perspective potato varieties for growing in ordinary chernozem of Rostov region under irrigation were investigated. It is established that applying of calculated mineral fertilizer rates up to 500 kg per ha of plant nutrient can increase the potato yield to 35-45 t/ha. The yield increase from applied fertilizer was 24-35 t/ha. The highest yield is marked on Romano and Udacha – 42.0 t/ha and 40.5 t/ha. The most effective according to yield per unit of applied fertilizer was Romano – 234.8 kg per ha of reactant. The maximum income (174.4 thousand rubles/ha) and profitability (165%) of this variety were received at a fertilizer rate 406 kg per ha of plant nutrient. Further increase of fertilizer rate is considered unreasonably.

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Scientific Journal of Russian RDI of Melioration Problems

ISSN : 2222-1816