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Change of agrophysics properties of chernozem soils under the influence of drip irrigation with brackish water  [2011]

Voevodina, L.A., Russian Research and Development Inst. of Melioration Problems. Novocherkassk, Rostov Region (Russian Federation)

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The influence of drip irrigation on chernozem soil agrophysics to a large extent depended on the soil moisture pattern. At the end of irrigation season an area formed in the upper layer (0-20 cm) at a distance of 20 cm from drip line contained high amounts of salts such as water-soluble salts, nitrates, carbonates. Calcium salts prevail among water-soluble salts. Soil exchange complex saturated with absorbed sodium up to 14%. Physical soil properties deteriorate generally because of predominance of blocky fractions under "dry" sieving; water-resistance – extra high. It was noted the deterioration of microstructure at a distance of 20 cm from drip line according to Bayver extent of aggregation. In spring content of water-soluble salts, nitrates and absorbed sodium substantially decreased.

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Scientific Journal of Russian RDI of Melioration Problems

ISSN : 2222-1816