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Development of honey-bee colonies, their productive indicators at application of microbiological preparation «Apinik»  [2011]

Mannapov, A.G., Russian State Agrarian Univ., Moscow (Russian Federation) Larionova, O.S., The N.I. Vavilov Saratov State Agrarian Univ. (Russian Federation)

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The high efficiency of stimulating extra nutrition use in beekeeping is proved in this article. The microbiological preparation "Apinik" containing a combination of bifidus bacteria Bifidobacteriumum globosum, streptococci Enterococcus faecium strains, promotes activation of digestive processes in bees' intestines, increasing the life time, organism's resistance to bacterial and virus diseases. The work purpose was researching the effect of this preparation on growth, development, accumulation of reserve substances in the organism and productive properties of honey-bee colonies. The conducted researches show that feeding bees with a sugar syrup added with probiotic preparation "Apinik" with amber flour promotes faster change of the wintered bees for younger ones, spring generation and increase in their population. Besides, using the stimulating extra feeding promotes accumulation of nutrients in adipose body of worker-bees, increasing the flight activity, honey bag load and weight of bees pollen breech and provides high productive indicators, such as quantity of built up foundation sheets, marketable honey and wax as well.

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Herald of the N.I. Vavilov Saratov State Agrarian Univ.

ISSN : 1998-6548