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Journal article

Theoretical bases of dispersed systems synthesis in soils and innovative rotor-milling tillage  [2012]

Sharshak, V.K.; Ladan, E.P., Don State Agrarian Univ., Rostov Region (Russian Federation); Kalinichenko, V.P., Institute of Soil Fertility of South Russia, Rostov Region (Russian Federation); Zichenko, V.E., Don Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture, Rostov region (Russian Federation); et al.

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Soil change at management of its dispersed system by means of three-tier and rotor-milling tillage is studied. After single soil-meliorative rotor-milling plowing the processed soil layer consists of small units homogeneous for the size. There are no morphological signs of a solonetz pedogenesis restoration. The moisture of an atmospheric precipitation freely penetrates into the soil and easily distributes in artificial dispersed system. Readily soluble salts leach off to depth, sufficient for reducing of their influence on soil genesis. In 30 years after soil-meliorative rotor-milling tillage by ploughs PMS-70, FS-1.3 the quantity of a humus in a soil layer of 20-40 sm reaches 3.3%, in a layer of 20-40 sm – 2.4%, the quantity of absorbed Na+ in a layer of 20-30 sm decreases for 1.5-2.0 times in comparison with initial and makes 10.6% from soil cation exchange capacity. The increase of agricultural crops productivity makes up more than 25-60% from the level of standard agricultural technology during the whole observation period. The new biogeosystem functions so that the period of its return to the regionally caused condition is extended; stability of the new biogeosystem is high. On the basis of soil science, sedimentology, lithology, by methods of recrea-tional biogeosystem techniques, the prospect of innovative technical decisions of rotor-milling soil-meliorative tools for correct transformation of a soil continuum from positions of the theory of dis-p
ersed systems, obtaining of stable economic indicators and social effect are shown.

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Scientific Journal of Russian RDI of Melioration Problems

ISSN : 2222-1816