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Journal Article

Irrigation rationing using the complex agrometeorological information  [2013]

Ol'garenko, G.V., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. for Irrigation and Farming Water Supply Systems, Moscow Region (Russian Federation); Tsekoeva, F.K., Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University;

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Generally the improvement of empirical models of irrigation modes management is to increase the reliability of the original information, to provide regional coefficients, to evaluate the variability of heat and moisture supply of the accounting period. The accuracy of mathematical dependences increases the quantification of nonlinearity of the connection between the depression evaporation and lack of soil moisture in concrete phases of plants development, accounting for relative and not absolute values of the parameters and coefficients. The authors suggest the method of calculation of total evaporation, based on the joint solution of the equation of water balance and parabolic dependencies, describing with a high degree of reliability communication between total evaporation, heat, water supply of the vegetation period and soil moisture in different phases of plants development. For some crops (barley, medic, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, carrots, beats) such dependences taking into account a non-linear nature of the cause-and-effect relationships in the soil-plant-variability of hydro-meteorological conditions are obtained. The methodology of operational planning of economically effective and ecologically safe irrigation modes, providing rational use of water, energy and material resources is offered. The combined use of irrigation rating methods will allow greatly increasing the irrigation efficiency.

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" Нормирование орошения с использованием комплексной агрометеорологической информации "
" Irrigation rationing using the complex agrometeorological information "
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