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Journal Article

Journal Article

Esparcet in Perm region  [2013]

Voloshin, V.А., Perm Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture, Perm Krai (Russian Federation);

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The adaptive potential of sandy esparcet (Onobrychis arenaria) compared with alfalfa was estimated in the conditions of the Perm Krai in 2011-2013. The study included five esparcet cultivars (Peschanyi 1251, Petushok, SIBNIIK 30, Mikhailovskii 5, Mikhailovskii 10) and alfalfa cultivar Sarga. A field experiment was carried out in a typical sod-podsolic loamy soil under normal humidity and in dry years. It was found that seeds of esparcet varieties in a lack of moisture in the soil had 62-84% germination, which is equal to alfalfa. In the 1-st year of life to the mid- August, esparcet provides full mowing green mass 15-21 t/ha, which is comparable with alfalfa. Overwintering of plants in the 1-st year of life was good, but worse than alfalfa plants wintered in the 2-nd year of life by only 50%. Irrespective of moisture conditions esparcet provides 2 mowing productivity at 7-10 t/ha of dry weight (alfalfa had 3 mowings of a total productivity 9.5 t/ha of dry mass). Most productive varieties are SIBNIIK 30, Mikhailovskii 5, Mikhailovskii 10. As to crop productivity of dry mass esparcet is not inferior to alfalfa only in the 1-st year of use. In absolutely dry matter esparcet contains crude protein 17-19%, crude fat 2.3%, and crude fiber 23-30%. As to nutritive value in the 1-st mowing esparcet is not inferior to alfalfa and surpasses in in the 2-nd mowing. A conclusion is made aboput advisability of works on the introduction of esparcet in the Perm Krai.

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" Эспарцет песчаный в Пермском крае "
" Esparcet in Perm region "
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