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Journal article

Prospects on animal reproduction process regulation in WTO conditions  [2013]

Svetlakova, N.A.; Khairullina, O.I., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation);

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The legislative base for animal husbandry state support in the Perm Krai and the degree of implementing the existing funding programs were analyzed. Alternative state support lines for agricultural enterprises have been developed.The modern system of state support requires a review of the mechanism of distribution of subsidies. Existing standardized approach does not account for the specific conditions of management of agricultural organizations located in different climatic zones. Adjustment is necessary for regulation of the reproductive process with the requirements of the WTO, the development of adaptive mechanism for the sustainable development of agriculture. In the present, the prevalence of measures of green box and yellow basket restriction measures determine the influence of improving the state regulation on infrastructure development processes of production, distribution, exchange and consumption. An alternative green box that implies supporting the agricultural development but indirectly by creating a progressive infrastructure generating social and economic conditions for production. In this case the support extent should not influence the production volumes or this influence should be minimal, the support must be effected through state programs funded from the budget and not requiring transfers from consumers. The program adopted in the Perm Krai for 2013-2020 separates animal husbandry as an isolated line, but its provisions are insufficient
ly specific, and the effect of regulating is not obvious. The measures of green box proposed in the program are essentially measures of yellow box.

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Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873