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Journal Article

Journal Article

Oil flax in the Middle Urals  [2014]

Kolotov, А.P., Ural Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture, Ekaterinburg (Russian Federation); Eliseev, S.L., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation);

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For expansion of its acreage of flax in the Urals is the selection of varieties that are better adapted to the conditions of the region is required. For this purpose, we conducted environmental tests of seven linseed varieties during the field experiment in the Sverdlovsk region (2010-2012) and 4 varieties - at competitive strain testing in the Perm Krai (2011-2013). In the Sverdlovsk Region the flax reached the mellowness phase of seeds 88-105 days after sowing. In the Perm Krai it was after 85-111 days. In any case the seed mellowness came not later than the 1-st decade of September. The mid-ripening variety Severnyi provided the highest yield in warm and hot, mostly dry years, forming the average seed yield of 2.43 t/ha in the Sverdlovsk region and 0.92 t/ha – in the Perm Krai. Unlike other varieties Severnyi has the greatest genetic flexibility, high homeostasis and stable yield productivity. Indicator marker of high productivity of flax varieties in the Middle Cis-Ural region and the Middle Urals can be a high mass of 1000 seeds.

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" Oil flax in the Middle Urals "
" Лен масличный на Среднем Урале "

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