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Journal article

Productivity of single-crop and mixed sowings of winter grain crops in dependence on nitrogen mode in sod-podzol heavy loamy soil  [2014]

Majsak, G.P., Perm Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture, Perm Krai (Russian Federation); Mikhajlova, L.А.; Aleshin, М.А., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation);

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In 2012 in Perm region one factorial field experiment was laid on the typical for Cis-Ural region sod-podzol heavy loamy soil of middle improvement. In different variants of experiment on pure steam a winter rye, 2 grades of triticale or the same cultures in mix with vetch were cultivated. The agrotechnology standard for the Cis-Urals was applied. N60P69K60 was applied under one-specific crops, N30P69K60 - under mixed. Rye productivity (grain haylage productivity) in control made 27.2 t/hectare, in other experiment variants no reliable distinctions were noted. The mixed crops in comparison with the one-specific ones give some increase of productivity (0.3-0.8 t/hectare). Triticale of SIRS57 grade was an exception which productivity in the mixed crops decreased by 6.3 t/hectare with simultaneous increase in the content of dry matter in mass by 8.1%. The dynamics of mineral nitrogen in soil was also controlled for three months of vegetation period. The minimum of the nitrogen content was observed during cultivation of the winter rye in mix with vetch, the maximum – during cultivation of triticale of Stavropol 5 grade. Cultivation technology of winter triticale for fodder and grain in the mixture with winter vetch, according to preliminary data, will allow obtaining fodder with exchange energy concentration from 10 to 12 MJ/kg of dry matter.

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Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873