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Journal Article

Journal Article

Agricultural landscapes modeling  [2014]

Rulev, A.S.; Yuferev, V.G.; Yuferev, M.V., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Land and Forest Improvement, Volgograd (Russian Federation);

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The modeling of the spatio-temporal changes in the agricultural landscapes relief is considered for assessment and prediction of the erosion processes. Most of the ravine profiles of the slopes is in the S-shaped form curve, which with a high correlation coefficient (more than 0.995 ) is described by the logistic function in the normalized values: h(l)=100/1+A*exp(B*l+C), where h (l) is current height profile, % ; A is a coefficient determining the position of the center of mass "Height - Length - Form of the slope" ; B, C are the coefficients, that determine the shape and slope of the curve ; l is the width of the cross section profile, %. The study of the slope shape dynamics change showed, that the dependence of the coefficients B and C of the normalized periods of time is linear: Bi = B0 - (0.033 t), Ci = C0 + (2.59 t), where t = 0,1,2 ... i ; B0 = 0.434; C0 = - 35. The coefficient A is constant and equals to 69.7. Given the above assumptions, the original equation can be written as: h(l)=((100-5t)/(1+69.7*exp(0.434-0.033t)*l+(2.59t-35)))+5t. The first derivatives of the logistic function sectional profile along the length of the slope in time periods t show the change in the position of the inflection points on the curves that define the change in the intensity of the erosion process. Modeling of the slope using the refined formula of its shape changes provides a definition of the boundaries of the slope erosion dangerous areas and the possibility of
computational methods to determine the optimal placement of erosion control plantings or devices for the protection of agricultural landscapes.

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