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Kuban State Agrarian University is a university located in Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia.

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Journal article


Burlakov M. M.; Rodionova L. Y.; Troshin L. P.; Chausov V. M.; Kuban State Agrarian University [Corporate Author]

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The article contains results of the study of biochemistry of some perspective table grape varieties: Aniuta, Vodograi, Nizina and Jubilee Novocherkasska, yield in 2013 from the Central zone of Krasnodar region. At the time of redy yield the combination of sweetness and acidity of fruits were favorable. The ratio of fructose to glucose was 1.69; 1.36; 2.00; 1.13, respectively, in grapes Aniuta, Vodograi, Nisina, Jubilee Novocherkasska. According to the percentage of fructose in fruit juice varieties Aniuta, Vodograi and Jubilee Novocherkasska close to each other (50.93; 56.14; 51.23%). According to the percentage of glucose similar varieties Aniuta and Nizina (33 - 34.27%), Vodograi and Jubilee Novocherkasska (41.16 - 45.22%). Sort Jubilee Novocherkasska, had content in berries close fructose and glucose. Most of fructose (66.02%) in berries variety Nizina. In berries studied cultivars organic acid content was: wine 3128 - 3861, malic 982 - 3753, citric 109 - 317, amber 3 - 115 mg / dm3. The highest concentrations of potassium and sodium cations are presented in berries varieties Aniuta: potassium - 1219 sodium - 35.13 mg / dm3 and cations magnesium and calcium in berries Jubilee Novocherkasska 46.75 and 73.64 mg / dm3. The lowest concentration of potassium and sodium cations observed in grape Vodograi, magnesium - from grape Aniuta, calcium - at grape Nizina. We studied grape bunches are large, not dense, beautiful, berries are large, harmonious taste. Tas
ting score fresh grapes varieties Aniuta, Vodograi, Nizina, Jubilee Novocherkasska 7.6; 7.4; 7.8; 7.8 points respectively

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665