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Journal Article

Journal Article

The oldest Russian breeding institution on fruit and berry crops is 170 years old: past, present, future  [2015]

Knyazev, S.D., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Fruit Crop Selection, Orel Region (Russian Federation);

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A brief history of the All Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Breeding for 170 years is presented. The Institute has passed the way from an arboretum, founded on April 28, 1845, to a unique pomology and breeding scientific institution on fruit crops. Nowadays, the Institute is the only specialized breeding institution on fruit crops in Russia and round the world. Its tasks are to embrace a comprehensive development of priority directions of researches connected with horticulture development: breeding and variety rearing of fruit and berry crops, progressive forms of market horticulture organization; production of planting material of fruit and berry crops, etc. 177 cultivars have been developed at the Institute, 123 of them have been included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements Admitted for Use. Breeding studies are being carried out on 13 crops, mostly - on apples, pears, currants, cherries. The realization of the contemporary breeding programs is fulfilled in a close contact of breeders with the specialists of other laboratories: biochemistry, technological estimation of fruit and storage, molecular genetics, cytology, biotechnology and physiology of fruit plant resistance. The Institute staff is characterized by a high qualification, continuity of generations, and vision of the industry development prospects, therefore the solution of the complex scientific challenges aimed at the development of gardening in the future is within its powers.

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" Старейшему селекционному учреждению России по плодовым и ягодным культурам 170 лет: прошлое, настоящее, будущее "
" The oldest Russian breeding institution on fruit and berry crops is 170 years old: past, present, future "

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Horticulture and Viticulture

ISSN : 0235-2591