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Journal Article

Journal Article

The "carousel" milking machinery management adaptive algorithm theoretical and experimental research results  [2016]

Tareеva, O.A., Nizhnij Novgorod State Engineering and Economic Inst. (Russian Federation); Kirsanov, V.V.; Strebulaev, S.N.;

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The factors determining the milking machines "Carousel" throughput capacity have been analyzed, the cows milking duration probabilistic-statistical models in the herd are considered. The first method to control the operation of the carousel milking platform parlor comprises setting the constant speed (rotation for 15 or 20 min) corresponding to the maximum milking duration of the slowest milking cow. The second method comprises controlling the platform rotation speed with a control desk in combination with the herd control system that analyzes the preceding day data: input and output time, milking duration, the amount of milk from each cow and others. The operation of milking parlors according to such an algorithm becomes ineffective, and the actual performance is below the passport one by 30-40%. To minimize the process intra-cycle down times and pipeline breaks, the variability of the milking duration parameter of each animals should be taken into account and the proposed speed rotation control adaptive algorithm allows to exclude the separate animals abnormal milking cycles, different from the average group values n 2-2.5 times should be used, and the animals for a multiple number of milking parlor (platform turnovers) operation cycles should be served. There were held the speed control adaptive algorithm simulation tests of milking parlor rotation that determines the optimal length of the platform turnover, abnormally high durations of the animal indiv
idual milking in each technological group. Also there were determined and compared the throughput capacity milking system parameters at constant maximum of rotation duration and its adaptive regulation. The "Carousel" milking parlor operation management by using the proposed algorithm allows increasing its capacity by 30%.

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" The "carousel" milking machinery management adaptive algorithm theoretical and experimental research results "
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