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Journal Article

Journal Article

Thermodynamics and modeling of transition zones in agrogeosystems  [2016]

Rulev, A.S.; Yuferev, V.G., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Land and Forest Improvement, Volgograd (Russian Federation);

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The natural and artificial structures that form agricultural landscapes are combined through the transformation of solar energy, the hydrologic cycle, the biogeochemical cycle of matter and energy into a single agrogeosystem. Catenary approach assumes that in the logical chain of the successive landscape units (facies, tracts, places) the evolution of soils, the succession of vegetation cover and animal population take place. The morphological units included in the composition of the catena differ in accordance with the response to geomorphological and soil processes. Thus the landscape structure gains the cascade nature and the main link becomes zonal catena, which has certain stable characteristics, reflecting the dependence of the complex of natural conditions and processes of latitude. The concept of ecotones, as border transition zones with unstable conditions, due to the high gradient of natural (physical) environment, plays an important role in the spatial description, and their allocation in sub-boreal landscapes will help to establish the boundaries of such zones. The change in the value of radiation heat flux by latitude on land for the main geographical areas was determined. The analysis of graphs showed that the function curve of the radiation heat flux has a point of inflection corresponding to the maximum of the first derivative, in the time of transition growing in decreasing the speed of the process. Analysis of derivatives allows to set bo
undaries and value ranges for latitude, characterized by significant changes in radiation heat flow.

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" Thermodynamics and modeling of transition zones in agrogeosystems "
" Термодинамика и моделирование переходных зон в агрогеосистемах "
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