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Journal Article

Journal Article

Soil deflation occurrence research in Volgograd region conditions  [2016]

Rulev, A.S.; Belyakov, A.M.; Sarychev, A.N., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Land and Forest Improvement, Volgograd (Russian Federation);

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The article presents the researches materials devoted to the study of the dust storm negative influence took place in the Volgograd region in March 2015. The studies were carried out on the territory of the Southern (Kotelnikovsky, Octyabrsky), Western (Seraphimovichsky, Kletsky), northern (Elansky) districts of the Volgograd region. The cause of the dust storm in 2015 were the following factors: the formation of slow-moving anticyclone above the south-eastern European territory of Russia and the West Kazakhstan, a long absence of atmospheric precipitation in the autumn-winter period, draining of the soil upper layer to 8-10 cm, the use of unreasonable soil cultivation, degradation of useful afforestation belt plantations and space between strips inappropriate to regulations. The soil susceptibility to deflationary processes depends directly on soil moisture content. Productive moisture contain before the dust storm was in the first meter of soil from 37.1 to 77.9 mm depending on the soil cultivation and the distance from the forest belts. The average height of plumes of silt at the shelter belts ranged from 15 to 85 cm depending on the studied area. The humus content in the sediments ranged from 2 to 3.5% in chernozem and from 1.6 to 2% on chestnut soils. The article esti-mates the total damage caused by dust storm, which amounted in monetary terms appoximately 24.5 billion rubles, the recommendations for the prevention of soil deflation are given here. S
oil protection from deflation should be comprehensive and include a system of organizational, economic, agronomic and agroforestry activities. The main methods of protection from soil blowing are the conservation system of soil tillage, grassing perennial grasses, shrubs scenes on light soils.

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" Исследование проявления дефляции почв в условиях Волгоградской области "
" Soil deflation occurrence research in Volgograd region conditions "
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