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Experience of the application of EM-technology in dairy cattle  [2015]

Lorets O.G. Belookova O.V. Gorelik O.V.

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Possibility of dairy performance increase in cows of black-and-white breed, and also improvements of physical and chemical indicators of milk due to application in a diet of animalsEM-preparations (EM-effective microorganisms of normal gut microflora) are considered. The experiment was realized in a farm in Chelyabinsk region on 3 cow groups, 25 heads in each. The experimental animals were treated dailyAs a result with Baikal-EM1 (dilution 1:100, 30 ml/head) and EM-Kurunga(500 ml/head) preparations, beginning from 60 days before calving. Treatments were stopped after calving. Milk performance data were recordedfor the initial 90 days of lactation.As a resultof additives application,the increase in dairy performanceof cows from initial 1970 kg by 8.1–25.0%is noted, with milk of animals of experimentalgroups more milk fat is emitted for 10.4–14.8 kg and protein – for 8.4–14.0 kg incomparison with control. The solid content in milk of cows of experimental groups was12.02 and 12.15% that is more by 0.12 and0.25% than in control. The content of fat in milk of cows of control group averaged 3.57%, and in 1 and 2 experimentalgroups its quantity increased by 0.05 and 0.13% respectively. The same regularity is revealed in relation to the total protein content. Also cows of experimental groups had a level of profitability of milk production of more and made in 1 experimental 25.0%, in 2 experimenta – 38.5% against 12.5% in control. The greatest economic effect is ga
ined when EM-Kurunga preparation have been used in cows feeding .

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Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

ISSN : 1997-4868