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Journal article

Influence of basic soil treatment minimization on physical-chemical properties of leached chernozem  [2015]

Il᾽yasov, M.M.; Yapparov, A.Kh.; Aliev, Sh.A.; Sharonova, N.L., Tatarstan Research and Development Inst. of Agrochemistry and Soil Science, Kazan (Russian Federation);

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The possibility of the basic soil treatment minimization on the background of fertilizer application to spring wheat yield increase, preservation and reproduction of leached chernozem fertility in Tatarstan Republic was under study. The research was conducted in 2011-2013 in 7-field crop rotation in a link of black fallow – winter wheat – spring wheat. The following basic soil treatments were compared at two backgrounds of fertilizer system (mineral fertilizer system and organic-mineral fertilizer system): 1) annual moldboard plowing (control) by 25 cm; 2) moldboard plowing followed by treatment with an annual fine of 10-12 cm; 3) blade loosening at 32 cm, followed by treatment with an annual fine of 10-12 cm; 4) tier plowing at 25 cm, followed by treatment with an annual fine of 10-12 cm; 5) chisel tillage at 40 cm, followed by treatment with an annual fine of 10-12 cm. Mineral fertilizers in the system variant with bunk plowing yield of spring wheat was 2.3 t/ha, with a chisel – 2.1 t/ha. Application of organic-mineral system in comparison with mineral system contributed to higher yields of spring wheat on options to 0.19-0.35 t/ha. It was found that the bunk and chisel treatment combined with subsequent fine processing and the application of organic-mineral fertilizer system significantly increases the yield of spring wheat (0.64 and 0.49 t/ha) in comparison with the traditional annual moldboard plowing. Minimization of basic soil treatment for spring w
heat cultivation has provided cost savings of main products compared with conventional moldboard plowing at 10-12%, increase of productivity by 15-18%, increase in net income from 1 hectare of 12-15% and profitability by 20-22%.

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Agrochem Herald

ISSN : 0235-2516