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Journal article

Influence of foliar top-dressing by JUSS-2 preparation on efficiency of nodule bacteria activity at soya plantations  [2015]

Karimov, Kh.Z.; Minikaev, R.V., Kazan State Agrarian Univ. (Russian Federation); Ibatullina, R.P.;

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It is known that soya is cultivated not only for the crop yield, but also for improving soil fertility through biological nitrogen fixation. Field experiments were carried out in 2012-2014 in the field Tatarstan Republic, on heavy loamy grey forest soil. Effect of foliar application of liquid-fertilizing stimulating composition (JUSS-2) during the phase of plants budding formation on the nodule bacteria performance was under study. JUSS-2 was applied at norms of 2, 4, 6 L/ha. It was found that application of chelatic micronutrient fertilizer JUSS-2 on soya increases the total number of nodules and the number of active ones on soybean roots (27.9-29.7 pcs/plant in compare with 25.4 pcs/plant in control). Weight of nodules increased simultaneously to increase in the number of active nodules. It promoted increase the intensity of nitrogen fixation. The optimal norm of JUSS-2, at which the soybean grain yield increased by 0.25 t/ha as compared to the control (1.46 t/ha), and the number of pods per plant increased from 34.9 to 40.8 pcs, is determined. It is 4 L/ha.

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