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Journal article

Dependence of grain seeds laboratory germination on meteorological and agrotechnical conditions  [2016]

Eliseev, S.L.; Yarkova, N.N.; Ashikhmin, N.V.; Batueva, I.V., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation);

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Influence of different agrotechniques on grain seeds laboratory germination was studied in Perm region in 2008-2010 and 2012-2015. Field experiments were laid on typical for Cis-Ural region sod-podzolic heavy loamy middle-cultivated soils. Fertility bonitet of their tilth top layer varied from 50 to 66 points. Hydrothermic coefficient (HTC) varied from 1.0 to 2.4. Laboratory germination of seeds was high and varied in wheat from 93% to 98%, in barley – from 95% to 98%, in oats – from 93% to 94%. In the years of the experiment grain crops seeds corresponded to the level of the highest sowing standard category. No close linear connection was found between HTC and seeds laboratory germination. Harvest techniques and moderate fertilizer doses did not affect the seeds laboratory germination value. Research of 2013-2015 years confirmed that oats seeds laboratory germination did not depend on hydrothermic conditions. Oats seeds laboratory germination reduces by 4% when sowing after barley with the sowing rate of 6 mln germinated seeds per hectare in comparison with the seeds obtained after more favorable predecessors (winter rye, clover, peas) and with sowing rate being 4 mln germinated seeds per hectare.

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Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873