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Kuban State Agrarian University is a university located in Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia.

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Artemova E. I.; Kremyanskaya E. V.; Kuban State Agrarian University [Corporate Author]

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The study does a comprehensive analysis of the milk market in Russia and Krasnodar territory under conditions of a food embargo; defines the influence of the food embargo on the possibility of import substitution of milk and dairy products , and does an assessment of factors affecting the increase in the efficiency and competitiveness of the dairy sector, including the quality characteristics of the products, the possibilities of using natural milk substitutes, the environmental safety of raw milk. The study gives the estimation of milk self-sufficiency in Russia and identifies the opportunities to compensate for the missing volume. There has been done a comparative analysis of the subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of development indexes in the industry of dairy cattle breeding in the agricultural organizations, which found competitive advantages of Leningrad Region in milk yield per cow and Vologda region in feed conversion. The study reveals poorly equipped genetic testing laboratories and animal breeding quality control of milk in most regions of the Russian Federation . It states that the economic crisis in Russia has caused acceleration of inflation and a rise in prices for milk and dairy products in the consumer market; the purchasing power of incomes of the population (commercial equivalent - drinking milk) has declined. In order to develop the milk market and the implementation of policies of import substitution it is necessary to improve
the system of state regulation of the agrarian sector, including the creation of favorable conditions for the development of public-private partnership, ensuring the availability of credit resources, the adaptation of the regulatory framework governing the market relations in the agrarian sector, support for high-performance production sites, as well as the implementation of the policy of agricultural protectionism.

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665