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Chernenkii A. V. St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University [Corporate Author]

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Main principles of ranking of objects, which are evaluated by numeric parameters, are considered in the article. Undoubtedly, the technique for internal assessment of University’s department should be harmonized with techniques of external assessments. It means that during setting of internal indicators, key indicators of external ratings must be taken into account. However, the system of rating’s composition by force of indexes’ aggregation, setting of weighting coefficients, using of various mathematic methods for reduction of an estimate to integral value, could differ from systems currently in use. The choice of methods is validated, which are appropriate for the procedure of ranking of University’s structural departments. For selection of alternatives based on specified criteria, Analytic hierarchy process by Saaty and Cogger and Yu method are proposed. The technique for internal rating of structural departments have been developed, which allows to estimate evolution of positions of faculties and departments in rating, as well as to recommend possible improvements. Recommendations for carrying out of University departments’ effectiveness monitoring are formulated. Techniques under development are being led to practical implementation, and could be introduced into self-assessment processes of Higher educational institutions. Complex technique combines all proposed techniques, and is a tool for carrying out of internal assessment of effectiveness of Hig
her educational institutions’ activities on base of uniform computation procedure with using of the set of approved indicators. The advantage of proposed technique is its flexibility, which consists in the possibility to adopt the calculation of indicators of activities’ effectiveness in accord with changes in the register and contents of primary data. Results of internal assessments of the University and its’ structural departments should favor the improvement of management system as well as creating of terms for dynamic development of the University, grounded on maximum effective using of available resources and potential of University’s research personnel

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665